Tomchei Temimim Ocean Parkway is committed to helping each and every one of our students be a Tomim - complete in their studies, complete in their Yiras Shamayim, and complete in their personal growth as a Chossid.

Our exceptional staff members are extremely attentive to the needs and progress of every single one of our students, and provide a living example of what it means to live as a Chossid.

With the current enrollment nearing 200 students, Tomchei Temimim Ocean Parkway has taken drastic steps to expand its capabilities to ensure that, despite the incredible growth, the personal connection and involvement in each student’s journey will be maintained.

New staff have been hired, classes have been added, and changes have been made to the curriculum to enhance our students’ Limud Hatorah, Yiras Shamayim and Chasidishkeit.

Help us make all of the moving parts click. Take part in our auction today!

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